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Welcome to our new Opportunity Drawing page.

DONATE: First login with your NCWIN membersihp information. Then you will see a blue button below to UPLOAD.  Next upload a photo of the item you are donating and add a brief caption of what the item is, followed by "Donated By <your name>".

SUPPORT: Take at look at all of the wonderful items donated by our amazing NCWIN members. Hover over each pic to read the description. Click on each pic to see an item close up. Scroll through the gallery by clicking the pink "Previous" and "Next" buttons at the top.

Opportunity drawing tickets are available for a donation:

$10 gets you 10 tickets

$20 gets you 25 tickets!!!

Donations to Opportunity Drawing 10/14/20

3 photo(s) Updated on: September 21, 2020
  • Win a free 1/8th page print-ready ad in an upcoming EPIC North County Magazine. The value of the ad is $299.00.
  • Stretchy blue beaded bracelet.
  • Stretchy red beaded bracelet.

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