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SUPPORT: Take at look at all of the wonderful items donated by our amazing NCWIN members. Hover over each pic to read the description. Click on each pic to see an item close up. Scroll through the gallery by clicking the pink "Previous" and "Next" buttons at the top.

DONATE: First login with your NCWIN membership information. Then you will see a blue button below to upload.  Next UPLOAD a photo of the item you are donating and add a brief caption of what the item is, followed by "Donated By <your name>". Without your name we can not give you 5 free tickets* for the opportunity drawing to thank you for donating.

Opportunity drawing tickets are available for a donation:

$10 gets you 10 tickets

$20 gets you 25 tickets!!!

Donations to Opportunity Drawing 6/9/21

19 photo(s) Updated on: June 09, 2021
  • $20 Amazon Gift Card donated by Lisa Kau. WINNER Stacey Smith-Bacon
  • Enjoy this "Spa" packet in the privacy of your own home! Nancy DePaola-Brooks is a skin care and makeup consultant using Mary Kay Cosmetics. WINNER Amy Forsythe
  • Glamorous gold business card case with magnetic closure!
  • Charm bracelet.
  • Rose gold polka dot pen with large gem at top.
  • 4 Handmade Cards created and donated by Jacquie Ingle With FOREVER Storage. WINNER Marcy Browe
  • Ready to change your life and get results? Donated by Stacey Smith-Bacon WINNER Elizabeth Pace
  • Here’s a Cab that has a classic, deep red color, rich with cherry and black berry flavors with a hint of Oak & a long silky finish Donated by Stacey Smith-Bacon. WINNER Amy Checho
  • Just in time for summer, and autographed by the author. This is written by a #1 New York times best selling author. Donated by Stacey Smith-Bacon WINNER Bonnie Kau
  • This cute Princess piggy bank could help you save for your future, or just save for that next vacation. Donated by Stacey Smith-Bacon. WINNER Jennie Norris
  • How about some patriotic, red white and blue, nesting ramekins just in time for July 4th! Put your jewelry in or just bake something star shaped. Donated by Stacey Smith-Bacon WINNER Jacquie Ingle
  • Are you still looking for success, happiness and peace? Return to your health, as well as relax and smile while you do it. Donated by Stacey Smith-Bacon. WINNER Brenda Shockley
  • We all need inspiration, from time to time or even daily. Add this to your desk to remind you how awesome you are! Donated by Stacey Smith-Bacon. WINNER Stacey Hoy
  • Organic Rose Petal-Infused Massage Oil made with love by Tiffany Compton. WINNER Ann Romanello
  • Succulent in mini-pot for your windowsill or desk
  • Foot Mask using Peony Root Extract, Green tea extract and apple extract. Perfect for those weary feet!
  • Get 15 minutes of beautiful and positive guidance from your Angels. Donated by Laura Kay. WINNER Beppie Mostert
  • A 3 hour guided walking tour of Carlsbad Village with 8 stops at unique eateries, wine tasting and historical presentations. Donated by Cherimarie Poulos WINNER Ann Romanello
  • Wish you could work out in a private and safe location where you are free to be you? Win a 45 minute training session in a private gym. Donated by Jennie Norris. WINNER Belinda Rachman

* NOTE: Maximum tickets awarded for donations is 10.

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