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Gift Card Fundraising!

Shop more than 750 top brands for everything on your list

New SCRIP program to help raise money

As you all know, this year has changed the way we do business, and how we do our fundraising for CSUSM Scholarships.  We had a lofty goal at the beginning of the year, and we were quickly turned on our heels.  Since we knew we had to shift, we've come up with a new idea that will help our Fundraising efforts, AND you don't have to do much to make this happen!  Instead of going to Starbucks and paying for your coffee with your CC, grab a few gift cards from Scrip beforehand, and use those gift cards instead!

You buy a gift card

You buy a gift card

You get the full value.

The brand gives back

The brand gives back

No extra money comes out of your pocket.

Your organization earns

NCWIN earns

Our scholarship recipients receive more!

How to Participate

Download the RaiseRight app, and then click "Join a Program". 

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Enter our enrollment code: 2F832EE57L9L4 and you can get started right away!

Or if you prefer to access the program on your computer, visit ShopWithScrip.com using NCWIN’s enrollment code: 2F832EE57L9L4  

You can even add favorites, so they are always easy to access.

Wouldn't it be great to purchase your GC's for our Opportunity Drawings through Scrip?  You'd be making another NCWINer happy, and you'll be supporting our fundraising efforts too.

Grab an eGift Card and have it immediately on hand to scan in store.  If you want real gift cards, I'll be having them shipped once per month.  So, if you're an instant gratification person like me, and eGift will be in your app ASAP, and you can even send the email code to anyone in your address book!

Here are a few ideas for you and how much would go back to NCWIN's scholarship fund:

  • 4% at Home Depot & Lowe's
  • 5% at Sprouts & Stater Bros.
  • 7% at Starbucks & TJ Maxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods
  • 8% at Panera
  • 10% at Chipotle
  • 15% at Land's End
  • 16% at Outback
  • Even 2.25% at Amazon!

Have questions? Contact: Jennie Norris (714) 458-9137

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